MMF Block



MMF Block

MMF Block


  1. No need to time application to a specific life stage - controls all immature life stages.

  2. Mosquitoes, larve and pupae cannot develop resistance to MMF Block because control is through a physical mode of action. Physical mode of action is its effectiveness on all mosquito species.

  3. Self Spreading formulation - means it covers the entire surface area without having to physically apply it evenly.

  4. Provides residual control and last more than 21 days for multi-brood control and reduced application costs.

  5. Non-toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms.

  6. No effect on dissolved oxygen, pH or conductivity of water.

  7. No oily sheen; no odor; non-phytotoxic




MMF Block (MonomolecularFilm Block)

MMF Block have proven to be outstandingly effective for mosquito larva and pupae control.  It alter the SURFACE TENSION of water such that LARVAE and PUPAE have diffculty making contact with the air above the water surface.  Adult mosquitoes cannot maintain surface contact on water treated with MMF Block, thus preventing it from laying eggs. Pupae and Larvae siphon tubes can no longer make contact with outside air and will drown in the process . Emerging young mosquito from it's shell will also drown in the process. An ultimate killer for all stages of mosquito.

Image of Larve and Pupae at surface of water

However, it is a fact that MMF do not last long outdoors and typically disintegrate over 5 ~ 7 days. However Emit solve the problem by encapsulating it into our time release agent. By controlling the rate of release of the MMF, it effectiveness can be prolonged to 21 days or more dependent on the weather and atmospheric condition.

In many instances 100% control has been achieved.  It is less effective in moving water.

Environment Impact

Harmless to fish life or animals and pets.  It is non-irritant to the most sensitive skin tissue and, if accidentally taken internally, would produce only a mild laxative effect comparable to bland soaps.

MMF Block for Pond use (Non harmful to fish)

Suitable for Koi Pond

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