Emit Technology

Emit Technology started off in Singapore in Year 2008 and later expand to Vietnam in Year 2009. We have been manufacturing products under other brand names.

In year 2011, we decided to register the company in Singapore as the demand picks up.

Our aim is to design products that could reach across the globe, spreading to all continents worldwide benefical to mankind and the environment.

We are always researching on new products that improve the environment by producing emittance. This can be in the form of light, EM wave, chemical, odor or smell particles moving in particular direction or random motion (Brownian Motion). Thus if you have any idea that you convert into a product, we are your right choice.

We take a strong view in making as little changes to the environment as possible so as not to upset the natural eco-system which has its own way of governing itself. Our products are mostly organic and environmentally friendly.

Enviro Friend