MMF (Mono Molecular Film)Spray

EMIT MMF (MonoMolecular Film) is a revolutionaly solution to the problem of mosquito control. It is made from derive from natural plant oil. By spraying it over the water surface, it forms an invisible monomelcular film rapidly over the surface of standing water.

This unique ability enables a small amount of EMIT MMF oil to spread to a large coverage area unlike conventional mosquito oil (AM Oil). Conventional mosquito oil could only control small puddle of water.

The monomolecular film prevents larve, pupae, egg laying mosquito to stay on the water surface by lessening the surface tension. All are drown in the process thus effectively controlling all the stages in the life cycle of the mosquito.

Test have shown the EMIT MMF film to remain effective for up to 7 days (Dependent on weather and atmospheric condition).

A significant advantage is that mosquitoes and midges cannot develop resistance to EMIT MMF because control is through mechanical action. Another advantage of the physical mode of action is its effectiveness on all mosquito species.

Unique Advantage

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