OEM Services

Emit Technology provides OEM Build-to-Spec services. You may engage us at various stages of your product design cycle, from product specification, prototyping, full-scale development, to productionization, production transfer and product improvement.

You can start with just a product requirement. Or you may already have a paper design that needs to be prototyped, or a lab prototype that must be translated into a producible unit - we can take over the  design activities from your selected point in the product development cycle.

In addition to our time release, time delay specialty, you can come to us for full spectrum manufacturing, including packaging, custom labelling and packing. Our relationships with a comprehensive set of associates have been built up for executing a breath of build-to-print jobs.  We are geared to design new/upgrade/replacement products to meet your business needs.


This is where you tells us about your business and your particular idea or problem. During the session, we will conduct an initial feasibility assessment to determine how we can best help transform your idea or problem into a profitable solution.


Engineering & Prototype:
This is where our years of experience and team of engineers work their magic by solving your problem with a 100% custom manufactured prototype ready for testing.


Testing & Launch:
First, our team initially tests the new product internally to ensure it exceeds your quality standards. Next, prototypes are delivered to you for internal and field tests prior to roll-out. Once approved, we set-up our production facility to produce your new product in quantity while ensuring maximum quality every step of the way. Any necessary modifications are made during this process to ensure the finished product is of the highest quality.


Confidentiality Guarantee



As an OEM custom design and manufacturer, we certainly understand the true value of a great idea. Any information will ONLY be used to help us understand more of your problem so we can design and create a custom manufactured solution.

 But rest assured—from idea to factory floor—your company’s information is 100% confidential and will NEVER be shared with a third party for any reason.




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