Emit Technology create products that produces or emit particles, whether it is light, sound, smell, chemical, hormones instantaneously or using our propriety time delay technique.

We take a strong view in protecting the environment and engineered to minimise the disturbance of its surrounding except the targeted object. Our products are mostly organic and environmentally friendly.

A high degree of flexibility and innovative products can be created and we are able to customize our matrixes to enable controlled release of active ingredients according to the most stringent specifications.

Time Release, controlled release bio-degradable polymerblock2layer

Our propietry bio-degradable polymer can be designed for quick or slow release. Non- hazardous to the environment. This polymer can come in the form of solid, liquid or gel and in various colour with no residual effect.

Quick release - within 1 week

Slow release - within 1 month

We can engineer the product to release smell (fragrance, odour), chemical, colour upon contact with water.

EMF Wave emitter

We have a range of products with variable strength targeted at various uses.

Emittance of EMF wave can be used to control some simple behaviour of rodents, animals (dogs/cats), birds and insects to achieve our desirable outcome.

Feature Products

"Emit" Mosquito Control Block

"Emit" Grease Trap Block

"Emit" Mosquito Control Block

We have a range of products suitable for various kind of usage and target at various lifecycle of the mosquito.

Some methods to control the population of the mosquito are as follows;

1. By Mechnical means - Creating an oxygen barrier causing suffocation.

2. By reducing the surface tension of the water - egg laying mosquito will drown and hatching mosquito not able to stand on the surface of water due to reduction in surface tension thus drowning it.

3. By Poison - Larvicide and various form of chemicals are introduce to poision it. However mosquito are developing resistance to poison and increasing the dosage may cause cause imbalance to the eco- system in the long run.

"Emit" Grease Trap Block

This product breaks down and digest the grease accumulated in the grease trap. This reduces the number of servicing required and inturn benefit the owner in reduction in cost .

Our grease blocks are enriched with effective micro-organisms, a consortium of "good" microbes that can degrade grease and other pollutants.



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